Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 5th, 2009


I've been sick over the last couple of days.
It has limited my encountering strangers whose
spirt, smile, action, kindness or quirk make me happy.

Pouty, sneezy, and hacking, I spent some time this weekend going
through boxes of old photographs and keepsakes.

When my sister Petra died, on a Tuesday night in March of 1997,
I brought home her address book.
Because who she was, and how she lived, she had many friends.
Most of them I knew, many I did not.
I spent the first couple of weeks after her death
writing to each of her friends.
I thanked them for being with her during her life,
and implored them to not forget her in death.

I found this letter.
I love that Natalie took the time to write me back.
I love that she loved Petra.
But perhaps most of all,
I love that she wondered if I had "a shirt or something of hers"
that I could give up.
I hope I sent Natalie a shirt. Or a glove.
Or something.

And I hope that she still has Petra's letters, the mix tape
that she hates, and whatever else she can hold
onto to from a life gone too soon.
That would make me happy.


LaDonna said...

So sad yet so beautiful. I'm sure you sent Natalie something. Hugs!

Danielle Sands said...

Amy, that is beautiful. :)

I miss you and am happy to know you.