Monday, December 28, 2009

December 27th, 2009

Decisive People in Battery Park, Richmond

While on a self-guided walking tour of Richmond's Northside,
we came across this sign.
There were even spotlights to illuminate it after dark.
At first, I thought it seemed very negative.
I mean, hey, it's a pretty big flat-out NO.

But then I started to think about how it is not always bad to say NO. And stick to it. Stick to it in the kind of erecting-a-lit-up-sign-kind of-way. I'm not talking about being stubborn, or mean, or selfish. I'm not talking about passing up a trip down the hill on the sled,
or a trip to the beach in your bathing suit.

I'm thinking about saying no to making promises you can't keep.
Say no to counting how many Christmas cookies you ate
(or will eat today and tomorrow).
Decline to engage in the latest gossip.
Pass up comparing what you create against what someone else created.
Say no to being defined by that dent in your car, or that scuff in your shoe.
Refuse to be small.
Withhold judgement until you know the whole story--or even after you know the whole story.
Reject the voice that tells you to give up.
Say no to setting your alarm for Saturday morning.
Turn down an offer from someone who will expect too much in return.
Avoid foie gras.
Resist taking yourself for granted.
Don't stay at work past 5:00 if you have fresh vegetables waiting for you at home.
Fight every insecurity.
Challenge every fear.

Put your NO sign up. With lights.


Courtney said...

Amy you write so well. THIS made me happy! (oh yes and aviod foie gras at all costs.)

valerie said...

love this.

Anonymous said...

I needed to hear this today! You are an inspiration!


Shoofly said...

NoNoNoNoNONoNoNoNoNoNo YES!!!!!!!!! You recharge me.