Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 16th, 2009


Very LONG story kind of short..

Little girl (Alyssa) is eligible for a Make-a-Wish.
Wishes for 4 years in a row that Ty Pennington
will come right on over and re-do her family's home.

Make-a-Wish can't really promise Ty.
"Is there anything else?"

But after seeing the SpectroMagic parade and
lit up princesses at
Disney, Alyssa decides that going
to that magic might be worth everything.

And, after four years, she gives up on Ty and the home makeover.

Her family starts planning a trip to Disney.
Then Alyssa gets admitted into the hospital.
But she gets better.
Her mom and dad ache from sleeping in chairs.

Her dad in particular.
If fact, he feels awful.

It's because he has appendicitis!
Alyssa on one floor, her dad on the other.
The trip to Disney up in the air.

After a couple of their vehicles break down,
and it rains for three days,
and Alyssa's IV lines blow
several times,
everyone gets better!

And then they leave for Disney.

Right on time.

Happy ending!

Not so fast.

While all of this was going on,
the town of Mechanicsville, VA
was planning the sneakiest, fastest
extreme home makeover ever.

Before the Orlando-bound plane ever left the ground,
PODS were delivered, the house was emptied,
movers, plumbers, tilers, painters, and carpenters
flocked from near and far.

Old carpet was torn out, new tile layed.
Shiny new appliances. Check.
Pretty, pretty paint. Check.
New furniture. Check.
Deck built in 1/2 day? Check.
Vehicles repaired. Check.
Box of tissues placed in every room
so that the family can cry their way
through the house when they get home tonight.

This project moved me to tears. I started crying as soon as
I rounded the corner
yesterday to deliver some small things to the house
and saw the street FULL of work trucks. I cried again when I
saw people in every single room of Alyssa's house, busy, busy, busy
making her wish come true.

The masterminds behind this don't want to be
highlighted here. I already asked them.
They said that they don't deserve the praise.

I'll tell you this, though. In Mechanicsville, this is what Ty Pennington looks like:


Katie said...

i love this...i wish you would have called I would have came over asap!

Anonymous said...

Yay Penny! I was planning on being there but Gage has been sick and so have I. I didnt want to be out in the cold but hopefully I will see the finished product soon. Miss you guys

patti digh said...

oh, amy. oh, amy.

Chrissi Doane said...

OMG!! Amy how on earth did I never see this?!?!?! Ok well nevermind lol I just saw the date and I guess its because I was a little busy with 3 huge Pods with our entire "old house" in them and Chritmas was on my butt and it wasnt slowing down. This just made me cry... A year later and I still cry. LOVE YOUR STORY although if I didnt live it, I would swear you made that up lmao!! Love you so much Amy!!! Little A said "Amy writes such great stories" lol Im not sure she believes it either and its her story!