Thursday, December 3, 2009

December 3rd, 2009

Courtney (left)

I got this email from Courtney this morning:
Thanks for having us over last night.
I had a lot of fun.
I hope you and LaDonna
don't have bad headaches this morning.
Also, thank you for the cat toy.
My dad was afraid it was another silly hat for the baby.
I'm pretty sure my parents have stolen my Joy to the World sign
(her Bingo present)
and I am never getting it back.
Hope you have a good rest of the week and that I will see you soon.

There was a song on the radio yesterday that said, "in case you need reminding, you're beautiful.. don't waste the pretty." I like it and thought you would too.


If you hear a song on the radio today
that you think someone else would like,
send them an email and tell them.
Don't waste the pretty.

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