Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 19th, 2009

The Ferrell Pack!

Greg, Carrie, Jasmine, Becky

The whirlwind of family visits started here.
With bearclaws and bagels.
These people confirmed for me that it might be
fine to never figure out what you want to do for work.
I also learned that my Aunt Becky used to drive a
Leggs Pantyhose truck around for a living.
That was before she taught at the prison.

Carrie and I concur that we might not want to work at all.

We talked about my grandfather (who would have been
celebrating his birthday on this day).

We cut through the ridiculousness of
having only one pastry.
And Carrie kept bringing me coffee.

Jasmine just listened to all of us. I think she's probably
the only 13-year-old in the world who knows
exactly what she wants to do. She's smart like that.

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