Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27th, 2009

Michelle was my waitress today at Cracker Barrel. I was looking through a travel brochure for Staunton, VA when she approached my table. "Oh! Are you going to Staunton?", she asked. I told her that my darling friend, Valerie, was moving to a little town near Staunton and
that I did plan to visit there.
Michelle told me that she used to live there, when she was married. I said that it must be so pretty this time of year with the leaves turning and falling. She said, "Oh, you don't know how! One morning, the first year that I lived there, I looked outside and the whole earth was covered in yellow in orange leaves with sunshine glowing off of them. I wanted to take a picture, but thought that a picture wouldn't be enough so I got the video camera out. My husband asked me what I was doing, and I told him, 'I'm videotaping the leaves!'. He said, "You expecting them to start doing tricks or something?' I said no. But I just kept on taping, back and forth, and back and forth covering as far as I could see. It was so pretty".
I thanked her for telling me about it. She said, "There are real pretty buildings there, too". I told her I would try to go very soon so as not to miss the blanket of leaves that
will soon cover the town.
She nodded in encouragment.
A couple of minutes later she came back to the table and said,
"I forgot to ask! Can I bring you something to eat?"


Chinda said...

Amy - great blog idea! I look forward to reading your stories everyday! This is something I've been looking to do for a while, document things I'm happy about and grateful for.

Trixie Goforth said...

Great idea for a blog, honey!

Bimal said...

great idea.. really nice :)