Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 28th, 2010


I met Jasmine at a really hectic family
sing-along at Christmastime. She was so darn cute,
and so johnny-on-the-spot
when it was her turn to belt out
that I wanted to be her friend instantly.

She is my cousin's step-daughter.
She lives in Ohio.
I live in Virgina.

I made her a refrigerator magnet.
She sent me origami.
I told her she was totally rad.
She sent me basil seeds.
I told her I loved her photography.
She sent me a story about visiting
a nursing home and witnessing an impromptu
(and kind of scary) choir break out.

In short, I love her.

Last summer, she sent me really groovy collage.
With boots and butterflies.
And ninjas.
On the back side she had written,
Sometimes I forget why I'm going about, doing what I do.
That is when I do things I love.
Doing things I love and being around people I love
helps me remember that, well, everything
that people do matters.
Everybody I know is somehow needed.
They are somehow loved.
My life is a bunch of pieces put together (like a collage)
as is everyone's life.
My point is, every piece is important!
You are part of my collage
even if it is starting as a small piece.
I hope it grows, it will always be there.

Jasmine rocked my world again today
(even though I found out that she
got a B in Art because a classmate asked
her for an answer on a test and Jasmine...
gave it. Zero for Jasmine Art Cheater).
Out of the blue, and into my lap
came the sweetest message.
About integrity.
And summer camp.

Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine, you are
an incredible gal.
And you have made me VERY happy today.

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