Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 14th, 2010


Oh, misery and petty bitterness today!
Starting early, mean, nasty.
Annoying alarm clock.
Uncomfortable pants.
Debbie Downer.
Negative Nelly.
Trapped in a spiral of destructive thinking.
All the while thinking of the grief in Haiti
wondering how to let go of it all...

And then, at 3:28 p.m.
like magic...
I get an email from someone I have not seen for
more than 2 1/2 years.
Pretty Chinda.

I just wanted to say:
Even though our daily face-to-face interaction was shortly lived at the AHA,
you have managed to reach back into my life through the amazing internet and Facebook,
and I'm truly grateful for it.
I love your blog and your random sayings and your positive "glass half-full" mentality.
I love that you love and appreciate everyone, especially when
I'm constantly surrounded by negativity
and mean people and people
who do nothing but spew the words
"I hate..." and "This sucks..." and "My life is miserable so I will make your life miserable...".
I go through my news feed on Facebook,
and have to constantly roll my eyes at the people who hate Mondays and who hate their bosses or who complain about their kids,
but your news feed is like the sunshine that jumps at me when I'm looking for that little ray of good news from my friends who can make me smile.
Thank you for that.
Stay positive.
I hope to make it to a First Wednesday soon.
xoxo from someone who is grateful for YOU.

The truth is: it made me cry.

I really believe that we go through life appreciating
so many things. So many things that we never take the time
to acknowledge. Chinda told me that she had resolved to take the time.
She wrote, "I had a few minutes before my Banana's gymnastic class,
and I'm glad I spent those few minutes to tell you how I felt".

Glad, indeed. Whew, me, too! I immediately wanted
to be the person that Chinda thinks I am!

And how lucky is Chinda's "Banana" to have Chinda for a mom!?

If someone does something that makes you happy,

They will love it.
Love it.

And it may come in right on time.
Like it did for me today.


LaDonna said...

It made me cry too!! You ARE the person Chinda thinks you are. Remember that!!

valerie said...

That made me so happy.