Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 4th, 2009


I love Judy.
Teacher of second-graders, tell it like it is Judy.
Judy HATES the gift exchange at First Wednesdays. You have to MAKE your gift and she is never enthusiastic about the prospect of coming up with, on her own, some unique handmade somethingorother to give to a stranger. It puts a damper on First Wednesdays for her (and by that I mean that she sometimes stays home rather than make a gift).

But this month the food theme was soup and we were exchanging bowls instead of handmade gifts. Judy was so happy.

And Judy opened bowl after beautiful bowl. But our "exchange" can be heartbreaking because the person who gets to pick a present after you do has the option of stealing yours. We stole bowls from Judy all night.

I moved closer to her to steal this "First Wednesdays" soup bowl. Here she is smiling through the pain and disappointment of the evening.

I hope she comes back in December.

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