Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 12th, 2009

Sarah Branigan

Once upon a time, Sarah and a group of her friends took some photos of
themselves jumping around a campfire.They could not help but notice,"It made us all laugh and it was something we wanted to keep doing
in different places and document..."

It was the start of something wonderful.

I first heard about JumpBecause on NPR last spring.
Imagine my delight when I realized these inspiring people
live right here in my neighborhood (Richmond, VA).

Sarah and her friends are world famous for making people happy.

You can learn about them here

The concept is simple:
It's hard to be unhappy
while your feet are off the ground.

The effect has been profound:
People from all over the world have
sent photos and stories of their own jumps.

You can jump for a cause
(as Sarah and her friends did for cystic fibrosis research),
or you can jump just because.

Jump because. I love this. I'd love to see YOU submit a jump and a story.


Kay Swenson said...

You touched my heart on this one Amy!

patti digh said...

you (they) might enjoy this!