Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16th, 2009

Patti. Patti. Patti Digh

The LAST thing I want to do is to keep a blog about things that make me happy because they are all ABOUT ME, ME, ME.

In other words, this page is not meant to be merely a list of people who
might have complemented my haircut
or told me that they liked my jacket
or shoes. (But don't think for one minute that I don't
appreciate comments such as this--especially
since I don't have great hair or lots of
awesome jackets and shoes.)

What I really hope to do is
show my appreciation and gratitude for
kindness big and small--whether it has anything to do with me directly or not.

But, you have to pardon me today. Please.

I am so, so, so giddy proud to be featured a "guest writer" here:

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