Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nov 7, 2010

Edison Pena

Oh, I love this happy, funny, irresistibly
adorable man. So much.

But I can't imagine what he would
have thought if someone told him--
when he was trapped deep in the
Chilean mine in which he worked--that he would
be laughing about his 69-day long brush with death.

In the mine, he was dubbed "the runner."
He ran as much as six miles a day through dark tunnels
--sometimes dragging a pallet behind him.

He explains his motivation by saying this:
"When I ran in the darkness, I was running for life.
I didn't say I can't.
No, I tried and I succeeded and I did it.
And, of course, I did that in the darkness.
Without light.
I was running to show that I wasn't just waiting around.
I was running to be an active participant in my own salvation.
I wasn't just waiting around.
I was running because I was also contributing
to the struggle for our rescue.
And I also wanted God to see that I really wanted to live."

Today, Edison Pena is running the New York City Marathon.
I am cheering for him.

Show God that you really want to live by being an
active participant in your own salvation.
Don't wait around.


Shoofly said...

Sometimes commenting just wants to be an "Amen" - what an amazing oneperson.

Lizz Christed said...

What a surprise indeed!!! OMG-- he's so cute, what an amazing Soul and a profoundly wise one at that!! Thank you for sharing ♥